A TOK outlook is the opposite of feeling intimidated or bewildered by knowledge issues that always seem to be owned by somebody else. The TOK experience can demystify much of what passes for knowledge in the various academic disciplines. Accordingly, no work of art, literature or music; scientific announcement, historic controversy, mathematical argument, esoteric vocabulary, ethical conundrum or political complexity are forever off limits. If you develop an authentic sense of ownership of the edifice of human knowledge you will never feel alienated and pushed around by alien forces beyond your control.

Mr. G Aug 2015  Edited from:  http://tokresource.org/tok_classes/knowers/beginning/index.htm



Language B Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) are language acquisition courses for students with some previous experience of learning the language. While studying the language, students also explore the culture(s) connected with it.

Higher and standard levels are differentiated by the recommended teaching hours, the depth of syllabus coverage, the required study or literature at HL, and the level of difficulty and requirements of the assessment tasks and criteria.

The range of purposes and situations for using language in the language B courses extends well beyond those for language ab initio.

The course is organized into themes. Three core themes are required: communication and media, global issues, and social relationships. In addition, at both HL and SL, teachers select two more themes from five options provided. Finally, two works of literature are studied at HL only.

Mr. G. Aug 2015