Mathcounts is a MS math club in which students practice complex math problems, challenge themselves and others in solving more complex problems. The club also participates in USA competition and regional competition. Students practice their mental math abilities and competitive skills. 

The MS Speech and Debate course aims to teach students the basics of public speaking, argumentation, and research as well as help them prepare for events such as the CEESA Speech and Debate competition and MUN (Model United Nations). Participation in the events is not mandatory. The course is designed for both experienced and non-experiences students. Every student will have plenty of opportunity to practice public speaking and become confident and organized and use language properly and effectively.

Native Croatian in Grades 7 & is a language and literature course based on the Middle Years Program (MYP) approach to learning and the American Education Reaches Out (AERO) Standards. The content is carefully selected from the Croatian National Curriculum, and enriched with concepts, skills and texts relevant to the AISZ student.

This course provides students the continuing opportunity to learn to work as a team to achieve a common goal. The focus is on the development and application of movement skill combinations and knowledge of individual and team activities.

This is an elective quarter 1 course in music. The course will cover a combination of composition, music theory and performance. The aim is to develop and nurture a passion for music as an art and a form of expression as well as gain more confidence on stage. Each student will take part in the end of quarter performance where individual and ensemble skills will be assessed.

What is art? Why does it matter? Working with a variety of media and techniques middle school students will learn to begin to see like an artist. Inspired by artists around the globe we will draw, paint,collage and sculpt. Students will each have a sketchbook which they will use to plan and reflect upon their work using the language of the arts.They will gain confidence in themselves as creative individuals.

This elective for middle school students will run from 3 November 2014 to 22 January 2015.

Through project-based learning, students will learn how leadership is service to others, how to participate in change as an individual and in groups, and how to connect themselves and their choices to global issues.

Each Wednesday, the class will meet as a middle school student council to put their learning into practice in service of the middle school student body.

MS Information Technology course is a full year course taught in Middle School. The aim of the course is to educate digitally literate young world citizens. In this class, the students will deal with technological and social aspects of media.