General Description and Overview: The course aims to develop your skills in both interpreting and making film texts. The course uses a combination of analysis, research, theory and creative work to study examples from American and World Cinema. The course is structured around three central areas. In exploring these areas you will study a range of texts, including recent mainstream Hollywood cinema and European films & films from different historical periods. Course Content/Skills: You will learn how meanings are constructed within film texts and to view the production of these films in context, through close textual analysis of specific scenes and analysis of films as a whole. You will learn that film is influenced by social, economic and institutional forces as well as the observations and research of commentators and scholars. You will examine films from different cultural contexts, historical periods and film-making traditions. You will have the opportunity to develop skills in film production. This is a complex process that requires creative and analytical skills as well as meticulous organization and group collaboration. Having followed the course you will be expected to demonstrate: 1. an understanding of the variety of ways in which film creates meaning 2. an understanding and effective use of appropriate film language 3. originality and creativity in developing an idea through the various stages of film-making, from conception to finished production 4. technical skills and an appropriate use of available technology 5. the ability to draw together knowledge, skills, research and experience, and apply them analytically to evaluate film texts 6. a critical understanding of the historical, theoretical, socio-cultural, economic and institutional contexts of film 7. the ability to research, plan and organize working processes 8. the ability to reflect upon and evaluate film production processes and completed film texts.