The IB English A: Literature course is a two-year program divided into four areas of concentration: Options, Works in Translation, Detailed Study, and Literary Genres.

This Year 1/Grade 11 - IB English A: Literature course will focus on literary options (first semester) and works in translation (second semester). Through the study of a wide range of literature, the course encourages students to appreciate the artistry of literature and to develop an ability to reflect critically on their reading. Works are studied in their literary and cultural contexts, through close study of individual texts and passages, and by considering a range of critical approaches. In view of the international nature of the IB and its commitment to intercultural understanding, the course does not limit the study of works to the products of one culture or the cultures covered by any one language. Thus, the study of works in translation is especially important in introducing students, through literature, to other cultural perspectives. The response to the study of literature is through oral and written communication, enabling students to develop and refine their command of language.