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Week 11 (November 10 - November 14)

Sanja Kišiček
Week 11 (November 10 - November 14)
by Sanja Kisicek - Monday, 24 November 2014, 11:11 AM

Project Presentations in front of class.

Giving formative feedback on the presentation techniques + the content learned on putting up a research paper.

3 Tips and Tricks how to react when confronted from somebody in the audience, not knowing the answer :

Do not be intimidated -- you can handle it. These are some practices that work:

  1. Politely ask the person to repeat the question stating that you are not clear if you understood what he or she was asking (you understood the question but you need more time thinking about the answer)
  2. Say "I do not know, what do you think?" (use this as a last trick in your sleeve)

And, no, you cannot shoot them or ignore them :). You want to show up as a professional who knows his way.