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3rd Week (September 14 - September 18)

Sanja Kišiček
3rd Week (September 14 - September 18)
by Sanja Kisicek - Monday, 14 September 2015, 11:06 AM

1.  Source Selection Tips:

Read about Internet Reliability here.

Try to select sources that offer as much of the following information as possible: 

Author's Name 
Author's Title or Position 
Author's Organizational Affiliation 
Date of Page Creation or Version

Also: choose among the URLs that end in 
.edu, .gov or similar

Mind you that all the sources that list first after you have typed in a research query are commercial (almost all URLs ending in 
.com) or paid for.
Try to scroll down an choose among others to.

IMPORTANT: Do not believe everything you read! Be critical!

Always search for more different types of sources of the same information.

Have the source selection tips in mind.

2. Assignment: try to differentiate between reliable and non-reliable websites:

3. Write a reprot and email it to your teacher saying if the sites from Site 1 to Site 5 are reliable, or non-reliable and state WHY. Remember -- write in formal style!

1. Read this article

2. Write a document

Open a new Word document and start writing on each of the listed below, separated into specific paragraphs, titled the following way:
  • Source selections tips
  • Information Retrieval
  • Formal Style
  • Citation rules
  • Plagiarism
  • Bibliography

3. Upload the file to your Google Drive (so that you can access it form anywhere)