Weekly outline

  • General

  • 23 January - 29 January

    1. Due Wednesday, January 26th -
    a. Please have a parent sign the Introductory Letter

    b. Become a member of the class on Moodle

    c. Bring in the Who Are You? Project - this can be dropped off at anytime during the day, but must be to me by lunch! Remember to not show this to your classmates.

    2. Due Wednesday, February 2nd - Food Diary - you will record all that you eat, drink and do for exercise everyday for a week! (January 26th - February 2nd)
  • 30 January - 5 February

    What's Up With Wellness
    February 2nd --> Ghazaleh & Tamara

    1. Due Wednesday, February 2nd - Food Diary - please be sure to fill this out everyday and bring to class the filled in Diary.

    2. Due Wednesday, February 2nd - Necessary Nutrients Worksheet filled in!
  • 6 February - 12 February

    What's Up With Wellness
    February 7th --> Chiara & Jakub

    February 9th --> David & Ben

    Due Wednesday, February 9th - Food Pyramid Worksheet from Brain Pop! Color the pyramid (there is a link below that can help you with this or look on page 56 in your textbook) and answer all of the questions.
    • 13 February - 19 February

      What's Up With Wellness
      February 14th --> Courtney & Nathan

      February 16th --> Emilija & Valentina

      Due Wednesday, February 16th - Design Your Own Food Guide - remember there are two parts to this project - the written portion and the poster. Keep in min this project is about YOUR eating habits and is good and what is not. It should include foods you really eat! If you have any questions, please come and talk with me. Feel free to turn in a rough draft of the written part by Tuesday morning.

      The new dietary guidelines on which MyPyramid is based, promoted fruits and vegetables and whole grains. At the 2,000 calorie level, here's what the guidelines would suggest.

      • Fruit Group should provide 4 daily servings, or 2 cups.
      • Vegetable Group should provide 5 servings, or 2.5 cups.
      • Grain Group should provide 6 ounce-equivalents (1 ounce-equivalent means 1 serving), half of which should be whole grains.
      • Meat and Beans Group should provide 5.5 ounce-equivalents or servings.
      • Milk Group should provide 3 cups/servings.
      • Oils should provide 24g or 6 teaspoons.
      • Discretionary Calories: These are the remaining amount of calories in each calorie level after nutrient-dense foods have been chosen. Up to 267 calories can be consumed in solid fats or added sugars if the other requirements have been met.

    • 20 February - 26 February

      big grin FEBRUARY BREAK - NO HOMEWORK!!! cool
      • 27 February - 5 March

        What's Up With Wellness
        March 2nd --> Karin & Davide

        Due Wednesday, March 2nd - go on-line and find three (3) facts about smoking. These should be interesting and up-to-date. Please write these three facts somewhere you can show them to me.
        • 6 March - 12 March

          ****Karin & Davide will present their What's Up With Wellness on Monday, March 7th!

          1. Due Monday, March 7th - research for the Up In Smoke chemicals in a cigarette - remember you need to research 5 different chemicals.

          2. Due TUESDAY, March 8th - go through the list of smoking facts & stats I gave you at the end of class and pick the five you think are the ones that have the BIGGEST impact (most scariest, will cause someone to stop smoking, etc.)

          3. Due Wednesday, March 9th - Anti-Smoking Radio Commercial Script - we will be recording commercials during class on Wednesday, so your script needs to be done before coming to class, or have only a few things to be proofed. Feel free to try recording with Audacity at home - it is free to download! Practice your script aloud!

        • 13 March - 19 March

          Monday, March 14th - Quiz on Wellness Topics we have studied so far - 4 parts of Wellness; Nutrition (carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, water, exercise, grains, fruits, vegetables, meats/beans, oils/sweets, Food Guides, etc.); Caffeine, Eating Disorders, Body Weight; Smoking. This is the ONLY quiz we will have in Wellness - STUDY!!!! I will host a review session on Monday, March 14th during lunch - this is right before the quiz!

          Monday, March 14th - Our goal is to have radio commercials recorded by the end of the class. Please bring what you have finished thus far!

          Due Wednesday, March 16th - Please do the Alcohol pre-test - the first page of your alcohol packet. Please be sure to write true or false on the line provided. You do not need to do anything else in the packet.
        • 20 March - 26 March

          Make sure your Anti-Smoking Radio commercial is ready to be graded Monday, March 28th. You can find the commercials in the Student Public Folder/Gr. 7. I will be grading these during the day on Monday, March 28th.
        • 27 March - 2 April

          1. Due Monday, March 28th - bring in information about your researched illegal drug. Keep in mind if you bring in pictures, that they need to be appropriate for class.

          REMINDER - make sure your Anti-Smoking Radio Commercial is ready to be graded by Monday, March 28th!