Week Name Description
File 8th Grade Science Informational Letter
14 March - 20 March File NASA Mercury Orbiter Article from class
21 March - 27 March File APOD Example
File Blogging Directions/Rubric/Dates for Q3
4 April - 10 April File Lowest Quality of Notes
File Medium Quality Notes
File Highest Quality Notes
11 April - 17 April File Celestial Body Teaching Rubric
File Celestial Body Teaching Project Directions
File Sun Notes
File Mercury Notes
File Venus Notes
File Earth Notes
File Mars Notes
File Asteroids Notes
File Jupiter Notes
File Saturn Notes
File Uranus Notes
File Neptune Notes
File Pluto Notes
File Eris Notes
File Ceres Notes
File Haumea Notes
File Makemake Notes
File Meteor Notes
File ExoSolar Planet Notes
2 May - 8 May File Jeopardy Game for Celestial Body Presentations
9 May - 15 May File APOD Directions & Rubric
URL Astronomy Picture of the Day Website
URL Website to find Planets/Dwarf Planet
23 May - 29 May File Teacher Speech List
File Constellation Project Directions & List
File Constellation Project Assessment
URL Bibliography Maker
URL Citation Machine
30 May - 5 June File Tides Powerpoint
File Comet Powerpoint
File Star Characteristics Powerpoint
File Blogging Rubric, Requirements & Dates
URL 8th Grade Blog
URL 7th Grade Blog